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Truly stupid, and YOU should be ashamed

Exactly how can YOU presume to know what has affected my life, or what I've studied? YOU are the idiot for making such ridiculous claims. Let me break it down for you, and I'll try not to use big words that would no doubt confuse you.

FACT: You may be black, but if you've lived in this country throughout your life, NO, you have NO idea what it means to be a slave. You see, slavery was abolished in these United States long before you were born. You can't possibly know what being a slave is like, so open your mouth and chew on your foot some more. By your ridiculous logic, I should claim that I know all about what it means to be accused of witchcraft because I'm female and I had female ancestors who were alive during the witch trials. You share DNA with your ancestors, you Idiot, NOT experiences.

FACT: Black people are not the only people who were ever denied chances to improve their lives. Blacks were recognized as citizens long before women were. Therefore, your "Poor, poor pitiful me" routine is downright laughable.

FACT: I am white. I am also the first person in my family to receive a college degree. At no point in the history of my ancestors could any of them have been accused of being wealthy or even close to wealthy. On both sides of my family tree, there's been only the working class. Do not EVER again make the mistake of assuming that I know nothing about living in poverty. As a female and a proud Native American, I have had to work very hard for everything. No one ever gave me ANYTHING. Everything I have is something I earned by working for it. So I do not for one second buy into your excuse that breaking the "cycle" takes numerous generations. Each generation in my family worked extremely hard, and each improved their own condition through determination and hard work, despite facing their own setbacks. Don't even try to argue this point with me. Blacks are no longer segregated, and haven't been for quite some time. MY people, however, are. Don't believe me? Look into it. It's called PUTTING AND KEEPING PEOPLE ON A RESERVATION, and it continues to this day. The only way Native Americans can hold on to their own cultural identity is to agree to the federal goverment's terms of living separate and apart from the rest of society. Those of us that make the decision to leave the reservations do so knowing full well that we'll be facing a constantly uphill battle.

FACT: Slavery continues TO THIS DAY on the African continent. If YOU would have done research, you would know that many tribes in Africa continue to engage in the cultivation, sale, and profit of slavery. So YES, if black people want to sue someone over slavery, they should start by suing black tribal members who continue to enslave other blacks on the African continent. After all, if it's truly an end to slavery and NOT reparations that you seek, you should be attacking all who continue to perpetuate slavery.

FACT: The United States currently has a black president. IT'S THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND, and a black man now holds it! Don't tell me blacks have been forced into inferior roles. And while we're at it, let me point out the obvious: Name one female president the United States has ever had. Name one Native American that has ever been president. You can't. You CAN, however, name a black person who has. Your argument is completely ridiculous.

This post is a bit late, and I sincerely hope lots of people WILL read it so that they can see how truly stupid and pathetic you and those who think like you really are.


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