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It isn't pretending, Fool.

"Why do some White Americans pretend they never did any racists activity when we all know by history it occured over and over again?" It isn't pretending, Fool. I wasn't alive during the period of 1861 - 1865, nor was I alive in 1898. Yes, some horrible things were done - on both sides - but not by me. Why do some black Americans insist on government handouts and reparations for things that they NEVER experienced first-hand? "And for the record some of the relatives of these Black People would were ran off... are living, and would have inherited much of what was taken from their relatives in 1898." your logic, blacks should be suing other blacks on the African continent because black ancestors collaborated with those in the slave trade. And you know what? They still do, because to this day, slavery persists throughout Africa. "I wish many of the Americans would stop pretending and accept the racist stains that will never be erased from our American History." Okay...if we need to accept racial stains, it is my duty and your obligation to also remember that whites aren't the only guilty ones. Blacks are guilty too.... Think, "Wilmington 10." Think, Black Panthers and Nation of Islam, whose stated goal is the annihilation of whites. "It's a shame before God" that evil idiots like Farrakhan can openly preach evil and be praised for their hate and calls for an end to the white race.


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