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Maytag LOL

I have never read anywhere that it is good to buy extended warranties. Everything i have ever read said they were a waste of money. We just bought a front loader washer to match our MAYTAG (go me) dryer from BestBuy, there was no negotiating on the price.... I asked 2 sales people and they looked at me as if i was insane so i don't know how you get them to work with you on price. Appliances are not that hard to fix, even I have repaired many of them. If you can identify the part needed it is normally simple if you have some tools and a little intelligence. ALL new products come with warranties. Big ticket home items ALL have 1 year or at least 6 months. There are also "Lemon Laws" to protect us and if you had just a regular warranty and not spent $$ on the service plan BB/manufacturer would have had to replace the machine anyway. I have never had a problem with any major items so far but i guarantee this, if i do and i do not get service or i am put off i will be showing up at the store with my item in tow and dealing face to face with the manager until i get it.


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