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BS warrenties

These warranties are a try to separate you from your money. Plain and simple. Never buy them. Check out and see for yourself. They never pay for the work they promise to fix and they find loopholes to exclude you from getting satisfaction. And when your time is up they try to get you to pay again, you bought it the first time. Why not? How many people do you know actually got what they paid for? NONE! I dare you to ask around and justify it. Cannot be done. Circuit City is the worst one in the area. Oh, "they will fix anything!" But, "that isn't covered" is all that you will hear when you start asking for service. they cannot even get you the right phone numbers to call for service. Sue them in small claims court for anything less than $5K, and get a judgment. Then you might get satisfaction. Don't take a lawyer. Just go do it. They will pay then. Circuit City promised that if a beaver ate my laptop they would replace it. They said I spilled a drop of water on it and it wasn't covered. Sued the crap out of them and got five grand right then in a court judgment. Easy money!


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