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Its completely a shame how

Its completely a shame how parents disrespect Brunswick County Schools. If I were them I would look into your house hold for example, smacking a teacher on the behind playfully, wheres the respect??, over at South Brunswick a teacher marrying a 47 year old or whatever age he is, and this parent cant even step up a be a parent and take control of their child. This shows how scared parents are, I didn't say all parents so please do get me wrong. When people get on here and say that THEY SAW whatever happened, how come they didn't report it right away instead of acting like a retard and watched it happen. And also for the people who are eating their PP&J sandwiches just to keep their child in private school just because they thinks its better, Its not only the public schools, Private Schools are just as worse, not all of them. But I'll guarantee you things are keeping PRIVATE on whats going on. Mr. Dumas is a great guy and Ive known this guy every since I was in High School. Moral of my Story: WHAT STARTS AT HOME SPREADS ABROAD


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