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Wasn't the subject "Should Greyhound require id?"

I am a mother of a 14yr old runaway. This is her fourth time running away from home. She has been gone for almost a month today. OBVIOUSLY, none of these comments are based on having the experience of YOUR OWN child being able to run away with society's helping hand outstretched! IT IS a shame that Greyhound doesn't ask for f'ing id! Why can you NOT buy a plane ticket at 14 or 17 years old? IT IS a shame that ATT phone company refuses to give you the phone numbers from where your runaway last called you from. But if she is murdered, a judge will sign a subpenia to find what number she called from to find her killer. WAKE UP PEOPLE! The rate of children being brainwashed into dying on our streets these days means that being a teenage runaway is now an epidemic. But it's all par for the course of this world when people leave cold hearted, hurtful comments like these about mother who probably did what she could to love her daughter and try to make sure she was successful in life and doesn't even know if her child is alive or dead tonight. Not every runaway was being neglected and not payed attention to! I eat dinner and talk with my kids everyday about life and their future. So, not shame on momma, SHAME SHAME SHAME ON ALL OF YOU who left those HORRIBLE COMMENTS!!!! Yeah, I think she has probably thought a few times now about what could happen to her hitch hiking teenage daughter before your rude comment was ever even a thought in your tiny litte cranium!


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