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But for the grace of God...

Wake up people! OBVIOUSLY the mother knows there are other issues with her daughter, but the article isn't about THAT, it's about Greyhound selling a ticket to a RUNAWAY TEEN. What's the mom supposed to talk about in it? Society's permissive and dismissive attitude about runaways is the major part of the reason we have SO MANY of them. These kids KNOW that the odds are in THEIR favor if they want to take to the streets, even at age 12 or 13. It's sad, but ABSOLUTELY true. All the 'she'd have run away anyway' and 'it's the mom's fault' comments are so entirely ignorant AND representative of the wider spread problem that loving parents run into when trying to tackle the ills of society that make this EPIDEMIC of runaways possible. The fact that she'd have probably done it another way makes it ok that they sold her the ticket? 2 'wrongs' make a 'right'? She wouldn't have been able to run BY WAY OF BUS if they simply wouldn't have sold her the ticket without ID, or had declined to sell her one if the ID she may have produced showed her to be under the age of 18. This would in no way prevent parents from letting their children travel under age. Said parents would simply have to PURCHASE the kids' tickets. People like the commentors here are the biggest part of this mother and daughter's problem. I know, I's just plain easier to ignore and blame than it is to help fix the problem...especially when it's someone else's kid. YES, she could have, and probably would have found another way to go....leading me back once again to the overall permissive attitude of this society that would ALLOW the girl - who apparently comes from a home where she's loved - to run in MANY other ways. It's not just the bus company that's screwed up, it's the laws, the lack of help from agencies, the honoring of the teens "rights" over the parents' concern for their safety, the society who is willing to let the kids screw up their lives (and unfortunately, even possibly lose them)...I could go on and on. Now, we COULD lay down and say 'it's just too overwhelming, there are too many ways they can go if they really want to go' (which is pretty much what happens with most of us)...but the truth of the matter is, these things can only be tackled and fixed ONE AT A TIME in order to begin to make things better, to make this runaway epidemic not so acceptable. But THIS MOM isn't laying down and taking it quietly, and I RESPECT HER IMMENSELY for that. From one parent to another, I am VERY PROUD and SUPPORTIVE of, as well as THANKFUL FOR this mom for speaking out to try and prompt a change in Greyhound's irresponsible policy. Ever think if we made it unacceptable as a society that kids that don't have a good reason to run might think twice about doing it in the first place? Think they'd go if they knew that some stranger was likely going to care enough to report to the cops that the kid appeared to be underage and roaming the streets past curfew? Think they'd try and buy a bus or plane ticket if they knew they couldn't without being 18 and having ID to prove it? Think that just those few things MIGHT make it more trouble than it's worth to them? Maybe not for some, maybe so for others is probably the true answer...but still a responsible societal attitude to try to exercise some commense sense protective measures that will help a few families along the way. Definitely worth it. To all of you that are offering your VERY UNWARRANTED and MISPLACED judgement on the mom: all I can say is you ought to be careful about being so quick to judge, as the streets are JUST WAITING to claim YOUR kids, neices, nephews, neighbor kids, matter what kind of a stellar, attentive parent you think you are. And as for putting everything on the girl and her choices...well, we all know that some of the best decisions of our lives were made in our teen years, huh? 'nuff said about that. I agree with a SINGLE commentor below (thank you!) when I express the following sentiment... SHAME ON YOU people for the judgements you've carelessy slung around here. I hope you NEVER have to encounter the torment of the uphill battle against such ignorance as is presented here, in a situation SO crucial as protecting a child... See, her kid's back now, she's safe. It's YOUR kid she's trying to help you protect for a future day you can't even see coming. I'll pray for you. Seriously.


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