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Inconvenience millions for the sake of a few?

First, with the exception of airlines and cruise ships, I'm not aware of any other mode of transportation that requires ID. Would you have expected a cab driver to ask Ashley for identification, had she taken a cab to Fayetteville and purchased a ticket on Amtrack....who will allow anyone holding a ticket to board a train without checking any identification? By placing a requirement to check IDs on bus lines, and to only allow adults to purchase tickets, you accomplish three BAD things: * You continue to shield children from the simple realities of everyday life until they are adults, never allowing them to learn half of the requirements and expectations that will be thrust upon them. Then, we're shocked when they can't handle simple tasks as adults. Exactly WHEN do we let them grow up? When do we expect them to start behaving responsibly enough to handle something as simple as purchasing a ticket and riding a bus? * You open up the bus industry to increased litigation. The next time Ashley runs away, Ashley's mom can win the litigation lottery because a ticket agent didn't notice the ID was a good forgery. * You place new financial requirements upon an industry that doesn't have a very large profit margin to play with. Do you have any idea now much a one-day, on-site training course costs for twenty people...considering only wages and the cost of the trainer? The increased cost of tracking that new training, and any re-certification? Now multiply that to include every ticket agent and driver across the nation because yes, there are still thousands of locales across this country where there is no "ticket agent," per se. You wait for the bus and pay the driver. The long-distance bus service works fine in this country. There's no need to inconvenience millions of riders and increase costs for everyone involved just because "Ashley ran away." That's Ashley's problem, not Greyhound's.


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