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come on now

Here we go the bleeding hearts are now praying for those with common sense. Our country is ruled by people who can sue companies because their coffee is too hot and their fast food made us too fat. Our education system is not only flawed but it is designed right now to best serve our weakest students and our high school athletes and leave the future leaders of our country and companies to either work harder on their own or seek private education. Why is it our country is falling behind the world? Its simple, people don't take responsibility for themselves. There are thousands of capable teenagers who with the knowledge of their parents take trains daily to get around cities and who often use longer transportation options to visit friends and relatives. So what has it come to these responsible young adults can no longer do this because of a run away? Who by the is old enough to drive so I guess if this young lady took her car to florida this article never could have happened. There are warmings on everything these days because responsibility is taken away from us. Bottom line is that this parent wants to put the responsibility of her children on an hourly wage worker for the bus company. Great parenting! Don't you dare pray for me for wanting our country to rise above stupidity and ignorance. Pray for everyone who uses and abuses the many outs and systems in place so that our citizens and non citizens can sue whom they want and blame who they want for their failures as common sense following citizens.


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