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Forget about Ashley. Forget

Forget about Ashley. Forget about cabs. Let's deal with Greyhound. Buying a bus ticket isn't a lot harder than buying an airplane ticket. But as you mention, underage kids can't do that.. So... Litigation: "I" am not opening Greyhound up to anything. You talk a great deal about personal responsibility here, but you seem perfectly willing to allow Greyhound out of one here. Say they are required in the future to sell tickets to adults on behalf of minors, and must check ID's. Wouldn't they be opening "themselves" up to litigation if they were not diligent in their responsibility? Training: Yes. This is will be an expense for them. So? It's not like they are going to eat it..they will parse it out in the prices of their fares. Spread out, it's not going to be a huge shock to their bottom line now, is it? They are still behind the times, and they would be wise to catch up before someone sues their pants off for the millions you seem to think they would be saving. I personally wouldn't set foot on a Greyhound, so I'm not really bothered about it either way, but it seems to me like Ashley or no Ashley, they need to get with the times.


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