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Greyhound and teen runaway

Like myself and other parents who have runaway teens out there...GREYHOUND SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE!!!! iT IS THERE POLICY TO CHECK ID and they sold my daughter a bus ticket as well. They assisted in my teen to runaway along with others. My 17yr old daughter ran away to be with a man who she met online, who is close to 30 yrs old. Greyhound would'nt even tell us that my daughter bought a bus ticket unless the local police asked them for the info. WHAT HAPPEN TO PARENTS RIGHTS? Greyhound does offer free rides to runaway teens to get back home, but only when instructed to do so by local police departments. For all of you out there, that makes the comments that we live in a society of lawyers and people trying to make a quick buck...HOW MUCH IS YOUR CHILD WORTH TO YOU??? cuz apperently you have not been throu the horror of not knowing where your child is at!! ITS CALLED CHANGING THE LAWS NOT MAKING A BUCK!! Teens, runaway to near by areas (hide out at friends mostly) rarely do they go outside the city limits...and only stay away long enough to cool off. You all are worried about the alternative of hitch hiking?...wake many of you would stop and help a teen who has their thumps out?? or a teen that holds up a sign that reads "need money OR food"..Not this parent...I would tell them to GO HOME!! Besides, teens today are not that stupid, they know how to get around town and they know the dangers of hitch least the city kids do. Taking a city bus is one thing...taking a charter bus is another story...and besides an Airline would not sell or transport a teen without parents approval, and they still check how does a bus company? WHEN A COMPANY LIKE GREYHOUND PUTS OUR CHILDREN ON THEIR BUS AND TAKES THEM WHERE EVER THEY WANNA GO....AND DOES NOT TELL PARENTS WHERE THERE CHILD WENT...ISNT THAT AIDING AND ABBEDDING A RUNAWAY??? I do believe that is breaking the law...isnt it?? SO HOW COME NO ONE HAS BEEN ARRESTED?????


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