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Harsher Laws On Sex Offenders

We have seen many news stories telling of a child suffering at the hands of a sex offender, when it could have been prevented, this should be galvanizing our law makers, to enact. Think, this could have been your child, just imagine the anguish any parent would have to live with, if this happened to them. One such parent that suffered this horrible anguish was Mark Lunsford. His daughter, Jessica Lunsford the 9-year-old girl had been sexually abused, kidnapped, and buried alive in Florida. Jessica Lunsford came from Gaston County, North Carolina before moving to Florida. In the memory of Mark Lunsford’s daughter Jessica, a law has been introduced to enforce stricter laws pertaining to sex offenders called Jessica’s Law. "We should all work together to make sure that Jessica's Law is passed in all fifty states. There are presently 18 states or so that have not yet passed any form of Jessica's Law, it saddens me to think that my home state of Tennessee and North Carolina where I grew up are included in the list of states that have not passed Jessica's Law. I do not know why, but I intend to find out." God Bless, Charlie Daniels Since Charlie Daniels made this statement, laws have become stricter in Tennessee for sex offenders. Tennessee now has a version of Jessica's Law. North Carolina is one of several states that has not step up to the plate for Jessica's Law. Taking a non-political stand various individuals, groups and organizations have formed an action group called, “Jessica’s Law Now North Carolina.” The Group formed in response to the apathetic lawmakers, who are dithering about Jessica’s Law rather than making a solid difference toward protecting our children. This formed coalition is tired of all the prolonging games and excuses our lawmakers make when it comes to our children. The laws pertaining to Sex Offenders has been lacking in North Carolina. Still, North Carolina state lawmakers and officials' priorities lack the necessary emphasis for stricter guidelines pertaining to North Carolina Sex Offenders. Our children are not Democratic or Republican; they are children and should be innocent and free. These days, children cannot play outside nor do anything without close supervision; parents are in fear of them being abducted. Many situations have occurred through out North Carolina, where Individuals that commit sexual crimes abducted children; these crimes against children need to be stopped. These individuals need incarceration or strict comprehensive monitoring North Carolina has many sex offenders, who have fallen through the cracks. By sex offenders changing their identity and not re-registering once moved, these offenders manipulate the system. This has been an on going problem through out North Carolina often; administration has failed to let law enforcement know of the placement of paroled sex offenders in their communities. Allowing violent sex offenders to go free and notproviding mandatory hearings, stricter penalties for non-compliance, has allowed dangerous parolees to remain free, even after they violated parole. Psychological damage inflicted on a defenseless child lasts a lifetime, if they survive. Sexual predators are always looking for their next victim. North Carolina has 111,000 children yearly reported "Abused" and "Neglected.” Presently, 10,000 registered "Sex Offenders" move to a new address or jobs daily. Children, women, elderly, incapacitated or handicapped people are especially at risk from sexual predators. Charlotte is no different; our city has a large number of registered sexual offenders. The Basic Statistics: 1. 95% of children that are molested know and trust their molester. 2. 90% of sex crimes are committed against someone the perpetrator knows. 3. 20% of girls and 17% of boys are molested before their 18th birthday. Sexual Abuse of Children from Internet: 1. 1 in 5 children is solicited on line. 2. 50 thousand predators are on line. 3. Web sites that exploit children are a $57 Billion Dollar Industry. Our direction is simple, seeing the passing of Jessica's Law for North Carolina. Many states have strengthened their sex offender laws like Florida, Maryland and South Carolina, it is sad that North Carolina has not joined in. Here is how you can help make a difference by being heard. Please contact the members of the North Carolina State Senate Judiciary I Committee and ask them help make a difference by supporting HB 933, Jessica Lunsford Act aka. Jessica's Law. See our Web sites: Mark A. Palmer Jessica's Law Now N.C.


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