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registered sex offenders

I live in a state that has the toughest sex offender laws in the Nation; Georgia. HB 1059, passed in 2006 and recently struck down as uncostitutional, forced many registrants underground and out of sight of law enforcement. Even our own county sheriff's has stated that if the state's registry and residency requirements are too restrictive, they will ultimately force sex offenders underground who would otherwise register. So, my question is, how productive is the registry and residency requirements if it is actually making children less safe? Would it not be smarter to pass laws that allow sex offender treatment to be mandatory, to have a 5 tier risk level assessment in place, in order to truly separate the dangerous ones from others, and to make sexual maintenance polygraphs mandatory. This tripartite system would allow low risk sex offenders to earn the right to reintegrate back into society, it would allow higher risk to earn the right to progress to a lower risk status through successful treatment and passed polygraphs, and it would allow law enforcement to concentrate their efforts on sex predators, those who pose the highest risk to re-offend. Please visit: for more information on the 5 tier system and why it would work.


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