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Sheriff's Department

The Sheriff's Department is doing their job. My former brother-in-law Shane Holloway was comming up for trial for failing to regester when his girlfriend Betty Malpass shot him to death. His sister my ex-wife who plead guilty to molesting my children is living in West Virgina and has regestered up there where the State Police tracks them. Like clock work her information is updated every 3 months and up there she must regester until she dies. I'm all in favor of some type of tracking device being used on them maybe a micro chip under their skin or a number tatooed on them that they would have to give in order to get a job so they would never be around children again. It's hard to track a criminal since their whole game is to try to out smart the "cops." They don't regester because they think they are above the law and they can do what they want to and to who they want too. Another solution would life without parole. This would mean speical prisons around the state or the country where only sex offenders of the violent nature or the ones who failed to regester and the ones who keep doing it over and over again are put. Not everyone will qualify for this type of treatment but the ones who do lets put them there ASAP.


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