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90 days not 15 months

We will give a street corner wannabe dope dealer fifteen YEARS for $40 worth of crack cocaine yet 90 days for someone who destroys a life.... ??? That shows you how screwed up the N.C. jusicial system is. I can teach my children to stay away from drugs, and not to bend to peer pressure.. I can keep them away from people who may harm them. But id something were to happen where some sicko FORCED his self onto one on my daughters when I wasn't around there is no amount of "teaching" I can do with the expception of sending my children to self defense to help protect them. YET...With drugs it is a judgement call of their behalf and I have to hope I did a jood job raising them to know right or wrong.. If they don't do right.. They serve YEARS.. If someone forces themselves onto them not by choice they are permanently scarred for life and joe schmo gets out in 90 days.... That is the most screwed up bunch of bullcrap I have EVER heard of! There should be a mandatory 50 years without possibility of parole for exploiting children.. THEN.. I bet it will significalnly slow down. Better yet... public hangings.. Yeah... now that is even better! I hope this guy gets what is coming to him in prison!!!!!!!!


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