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sex offenders

I'm a student in the middle school prepareing myself for a debate against my class mates. My topic is keeping sex offenders in prison!As for Mrs.Bobby R.Benton I don't agree with your comments. If the man didn't register what makes you so sure that he wasn't planning on repeating his previous crime again, and if he wasn't it still dosn't matter because its the law! Maybe noone does know his story, but think about what the previous pearson said, why should we let these monsters move to our neighborhoods and let them make sexual offenses towards kids!It's not even always towards kids woman often to!I'm sure if it happeneed to you or one of your family members you would think diffrently!It was not this mans first time not registering.If he was just trying to have a 'normal' life he should have thought about that before he went and ruined innocent kids lives!They'll remeber that FOREVER!This mans a criminal, and SHOULD be in prison!


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