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"Unfortuneately" are right... but don't be so quick to judge. Follow me on this... This guy in the hat is hanging out with a "friend" (or fellow gang member). No of course the guy in the hat doesn't sell drugs, but his friend sells crack. A crackhead drives up in an SUV with an ATM Card and pin number. The drug dealer trades the crackhead some crack and maybe a little weed for the vehicle and ATM card. The friend then drives the drug dealer to get cash and whatever else they needed to buy. Now... you want to put a bullet in the head of a guy who knows a drug dealer but may not know anything about the murder. Let me ask you this; do you or have you ever known anyone that sells drugs? Yes marijuana is a drug... have you called the cops on them? why not? do you deserve a bullet in the head because you know a drug dealer? Are you going to put a bullet in your own temple? Our legal system is flawed and chances are very good that the guy in the hat is either the one who committed the murder or can lead the police to the one who did it... but without our legal system, you would have shot yourself... Otherwise I agree with you! Find the guy who did it and shoot him a few times to let him know what it felt like for her before she died... to heck with "No cruel and/or unusual punishment"... To the other poster that asked if by giving the killer the death penalty we put ourselves on the same level, the answer is clearly no. The death row inmate is convicted of a crime that he/she committed... so they killed someone in order to be there in the first place. (Eve didn't kill anyone) They have years to make peace with whatever god they believe in and know the exact date and time they will die... humanely, little to no pain... just death. The killer wasn't humane to her... he shot her several times before he killed her... that sounds cruel... and inhumane... no?


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