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Gun people like you just tear me up. NO, instead we should just put him in prison for life, give him free time, Cable TV, things to do without having to pay a dime back and just take care of him at our expense. I AM SICK AND TIRED of having to pay for people that cannot live in society and follow the rules. WE the people have to pay for these IDIOTS because they simply just don't want to play nice. I'M SICK OF IT and the best way to deal with murderers, rapists, child molesters and drug dealers is DEATH...goodbye..they CANNOT be rehabilitated as has been shown TIME AND TIME AGAIN. Do whats best for society as a whole...ZIP ZAP problem over. People like YOU and your train of thought are what has diminished our justice system to nothing more than a JOKE. These MURDERERS have more rights than I DO as a victim if the time came. THAT IS SICK! HE DESERVES NOBODY feeling sorry for what he gets. IF it was me and that was my daughter...he had BETTER hope the police got to him before I did!


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