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There is such a difference in Brunswick County between the Professional/Vol and the Full Volunteer Departments. Something like NewHanover has now is what Brunwick County needs. City(controlled or supported) departments such as Leland, Oak Island, Tribeach, Shallotte, Ocean Isle Beach, Sunset Beach, and Calabash Fire Departments do a great job. Most are 24hrs coverage. Leland will be 24hr paid coverage in July, and I dont know about Tribeach. I assume they are 24/7 paid staff. But these departments have no need to be changed or taken over by the county. They already providing a high level of service. Without a doubt better service then you would get if the county was running the show. Departments such as Southport, Boiling Spring Lakes, Bolivia, Winnabow, Sunset Harbor, Supply, Civietown, Shallotte Point, Grissettown-Longwood, And Waccamaw Fire departments seem to always to struggle to respond to calls. It would be a LARGE benefit to the citizens living in those these areas for the county take over responsibility for there fire protection. Brunswick County should push this issue. It would only benefit those areas. For example..... When one department is on second or third dispatch for any call... thats unacceptable. Two departments have combined already just in a last ditch effort so someone is there to answer the calls. Now before a certain FD Captain and squad Ass Chief get on here and open there ignorant mouths let me explain. What I propose is NOT that the county comes in, takes over, changes the locks, and kicks the Volunteers out! Thats not it by any means. The county should take control of all the named departments that are struggling. Take responsibility for all the Apparatus(which was paid for with county funds to begin with), Take over building upkeep and provide paid staff for each station with career fire fighters. We would still need the Volunteers for the calls. Difference is that the county would take over the administration, paying of the bills and guarantee a engine rolling on first dispatch of a fire or wreck. Those 3 firefighters paid by the county can not fight a whole fire on there own. Volunteers would still be needed.


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