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some facts

google "overweight firemen" and you have study after study, including articles by Firefighter unions saying this is a huge problem among firefighters everywhere not just WFD. The number 1 killer of Fire and rescue workers is not related to the danger of their work but is due to Heart attacks brought on by a poor diet and long periods of in-activity. I quote : "A study by the Applied Exercise Science Laboratory at Texas A&M University shows that overweight firemen are at very high risk for heart attacks primarily because they get little or no exercise while on duty and tend to consume foods poor in nutrition. Wade Womack, a faculty member in the Applied Exercise Science Laboratory at Texas A&M, charted 74 firefighters over a six-year period. His study, titled "Cardiovascular Risk Markers in Firefighters: A Longitudinal Study" published in Cardiovascular Reviews and Reports, shows that often firemen are overweight and have less-than-ideal cholesterol levels, both of which pose serious health problems. "It all comes down to one main point: firemen need to exercise more," says Womack. "When firemen do fight fires, it is work that is both very strenuous and stressful, and very physically exerting. Put it all together and the chances of a heart attack are high." end of quote. I would suggest that the city offer you guys a $$ incentive to get back in shape. I even have a spare exercise bike I would gladly donate to one of the firehouses to help you all out. As for me I jog 10k everyday and I am a perfect 6'2" 184lbs at 52 years old.


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