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Illegal immigration

The Federal as well as States have ignored the criminals entering this country without a passport. We the people are the ones paying and in many cases suffering, i.e. Lorean who killed expectant mother and child at Jacksonville, N.C. M. Garza killed by illegals in N.C. and body found in Pender County. Vehicles wrecked and innocent people killed as the drivers of vehicles who do not know how to read signs, nor have had Drivers' Ed. are issued license which is a crime. When you go to another country, you drive on the license issued to you in your jurisdiction and you can acquire and pay for an international license. That does not mean you can VOTE in their elections, it means you know how to drive and are responsible for you and your vehicle while VISITING. You are NOT there to have your babies for free or to pull down on funds that you have not paid into. Does anyone want someone else to draw down on their account? It is not being a MEENEY to anyone who has fallen down or who has been in an accident. These acts of thievery and criminal behavior are intentional. They can build up their own country and either apply for legal citizenship or shut-up.


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