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place the blame

the border fence should have been erected years and years ago. dont blame the current administration entirely. illegal immigration has been going on for years and now its out of control. we are screaming at the polititians to do something when they should have done something decades ago. the blame lies at the feet of both parties. now we hear due to a glitch that the fence will not be erected if at all until 2012. just watch the evening news and you will see lines of illegals crossing the desert and into this country under cover of darkness. when is this going to end? they are coming here to nc people, because our laws are lax and they even interviewed some that crossed over the border as to where they were headed-north carolina! they even had maps as to how to get here. there are over 500,000 illegals in this state alone. this is an election year-vote for the candidates who will finally do something about this mess.


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