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Why does this surprise you folks?

Conditioning students to accept and even embrace liberal causes has been a cornerstone of public education for forty years. While it is in their best interests to start them young (e.g., "Heather has Two Mommies") it is an effort that continues through the education life of every student. Our colleges and universities are perhaps the worst. I can recall taking a final exam in Psch 105, back in '75, where anyone who disagreed with the professor's strong feelings regarding outlawing the private ownership of firearms failed the course. (Thankfully, the failed students banded together, received WP grades, were allowed to repeat the course under another instructor at no charge.....and the untenured professor was FIRED! A small victory in the struggle against lunacy!) To the left, it's important that Elijah accepts homosexuality and substance abuse as "harmless hobbies that are just interesting aspects of life." I don't care if you have to eat PB&J twice a day, get your children into a private or parochial school. If you send them to public school, you will have to exert twice the normal effort of a parent to keep them from becoming left-wing nutjobs who want to destroy the American way of life.


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