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To Common Sense

I have been reading some of your post and you seem to be a very intelligent person. That is why it strikes me as ironic that you chose to be ignorant on the subject. And I mean ignorant in the real sense of the word. You haven't read the book. Although I haven't ever taught the book, I have read it and so has my 15 year old daughter. Which by the way, probably hears worse things on her bus ride to school than anything brought up in this book. The book is a collection of letters written by a 15 year old boy to an anonymous person. There is never any detailed description of homosexual sex. Charlie says that would be cruel to the people he was referring to, and even though Charlie does confide in this person that he tried recreational drugs, he in no way glorifies it. I realize that people have the right to believe any way they choose. And these parents certainly have the right to get on a soap box over any issue they feel necessary. But, I will say this, these kids are reading and relating to a book that deals quite sensitively to some delicate issues and if the parents of this boy have instilled all of the qualities, values and morals they want him to have, then I struggle to see a problem or an issue.


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