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The world we live in...

As a personal friend of Chuck and Wendy, I had to add a note to the string of comments on this story. First, I'll just state what is fact: Chuck and Wendy are legally responsible for their children. This gives them the legal right to decide what goes into their minds and hearts. You can disagree all you want with their moral position, but unless you become the legal guardian of the child, you have no say, whatsoever. Second, If Chuck and Wendy feel that it is important to keep certain things out of their children's lives, be is music, literature, or corn flakes... they have every right to do so. Who are we to judge how they raise their children? Third, people can defend the book all they like, but there are without question topics that are written about that *some parents* will find objectionable for their ninth grade children to read. I believe that every parent has the right to determine what is objectionable for their children, including Chuck and Wendy. The school should respect this right. But...Lastly, I am simply *stunned* by the vitriol that has been directed at these two parents in the postings of this article. Initially I thought that it might be good for people to know what type of literature was being handed out in the school system, and that a news interview was a positive way to get that information out. However, after reading through the comments of this article, I see that I was wrong. These two friends of mine are being raked over the coals and made out to be fanatical, terrible parents, simply for exercising their first amendment right of free speech. They are being crucified for wanting to protect their children. Apparently I greatly underestimated the people of New Hanover County (or at least the readers of this web article). What might have been a forum to discuss both sides of a controversial issue has turned into an attack blog on a very kind, gentle, and loving family. I believe that if anyone personally knew this family, they would not write some of the things that have been written here. One last thought. I feel EXACTLY the same way about keeping my children pure and away from obscenity of this type. In our family we work very hard to keep music, web sites, and publications that we feel are objectionable out of the eyes and minds of our children. Some might think that we are sheltering our kids, and not letting them "explore the world". Nothing could be further from the truth. We have many discussions about life, and the world, including many of the things that are part of this book. We do so in a healthy, positive atmosphere, where *we* as the parents can pass on our morals and character to our children. That IS a parents role. It is the schools role to educate children, not shape them socially and morally. This, by the way, is exactly why none of my children have ever been, nor ever will be, in a public school. And just in case anyone were wondering, all four of my kids (from elementary school to high school)are well adjusted, exceptional students, accomplished in their respective areas of talent, sexually pure and drug free. They are all well on their way to becoming what I would consider model citizens, and significant contributors to our society. Sure they may be "different" because they have not been caught up in sex and drugs and drinking like some of the others. But I think that in this case, being a little different is going to be OK. And guess what. They do too. PC


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