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The world we live in...

Well, that is exactly what i am doing. Our kids are home schooled up to a certain point, then they go to private school. And I hate to be blunt about it, but they are better for it. If you were to spend any time around them, I think you would have to agree. The thing is, all of us contribute through our taxes to the operation of the county school system. Taxation comes with representation. I believe that gives every parent the right to have some input into how they school is run, as well as the materials that are promoted to our children. The officials and teachers are paid by you and I, they work for us. What we think does matter. And as far as being naive... that probably is not the right definition. I have "been there and done that" with regards to the "party lifestyle", and came out of it with one truth. It was a BIG RIPOFF. I am not expecting that my kids will be perfect. I am trying to help them make good decisions, based on truth. One of my daughters is heading off the college this year. Will she make mistakes? Sure. But she has had the benefit of seeing some other kids: a) Flunk out, b) stone out, c) get in legal trouble, d) get pregnant, etc. She has also watched other kids make good choices, and benefit from those choices. She has been witness to the benefits and consequences of their choices playing out in their lives. Thankfully, she has *watched*, and not had to *experience* some of the negative consequences (as I did). Wisdom: I don't have to get mauled by a lion to know that they are dangerous. How will they turn out from their "sheltered existence"? Well, before I assume that I am going to be "in a world of shock", we'll just let things play out over time and see whether I have made the right choice or not.


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