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Thanks for the compliment

Here's my only point: It is not the public school's job to brainwash students into accepting or rejecting anyone. Acceptance or rejection should be the sum total of an individual's education and experiences, and are still that individual's right. One of the more emotional posters approached borderline hysteria about my (presumed) bigotry and the fact that gay teens commit suicide. What she doesn't understand is that just as I don't particularly care what they do to get their sexual thrills, I don't care if they are so emmotionally distraught that they check out because of their abnormality. Sexual preference SHOULD be an individual, private matter. It's no one else's business. Just as it's wrong to discriminate or harrass a gay person, it's wrong to sacrifice math, science, English composition, history and phys ed to push an agenda of political correctness. Regarding this book that so well teaches acceptance of all, we've heard how it covers homosexuality and drug usage. Is there any effort to teach that the Young Republicans are acceptable and just like everyone else? JROTC members? 4H or FFA memebers? Junior NRA members? Likely not - they're not "protected darlings of the left." Hopefully you now understand my objections to this type of assignment.


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