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You Better PRAY Woman

QUOTE: concerned parent "The teacher, as far as I know, doesnt even have her own children so what does she know about age appropriate reading material for teenagers?" I hope you get right with your God and quickly because you just said that a person that can not reproduce is not capable of being a teacher. The God I have worshiped for almost 50 years just shook his head at you. HOW DARE YOU pass such a judgment on a woman that walks into a job each day that you can't imagine. She faces nightmares you can't even dream up all while trying to HELP your child and do a job few can or WILL do for less than half the amount of money they are worth. But YOU think it is perfectly ok to say such a horrible thing about her. HOW DARE YOU?! Pray Hard. Jesus is sad, very sad at what you just said about another woman that works hard every day to make your child smarter, better and stronger... yet she has to deal with YOU dealing out rough self-appointed and self-righteous justice. How DARE you?? Get right with Jesus cos you just messed up BIG.


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