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The Perks of Being a Wildflower is a book that every teen should read. For one thing it teaches teenagers who may have grown up in a harsh environment that their are people who have it worse and that there are other choices then commiting suicide. Obviously your child (Elijah) will not be able to discuss things with you because of your strong objections to modern living. It was noted above that we had no right to object to this because of Wendy's freedom of speech and you are absolutly right but aren't you going against the authors freedom of speech by saying it was banned. Banning books and Censorship takes away an authors freedom of speech. One more point to make is that your sheltered teen will now be able to take real life situations that he has not been educated on and glorify them making him more likly to do so. Yes there was a rape seen but it also showed girls how drinking can lead to bad consequences. Yes there was a gay guy but who are you to go against what god made them. He was being a good friend to him by supporting him. His genes not his personality made Patrick and Brad who they were. He also had a bad trip on LSD showing people that playing around wasnt a game. His sex scenes were not graphic or disturbing and he went about it in a skilled manner. This book should not be banned if their is an option not to read it. Anyways if you think your school distict is screwed up you should try out my school for a while. The reason i read this book was because my teacher told us we had to read a banned book and write a 12 to 15 page paper on it. The only choice we got was whether we wanted to read a book on racism, sex or drugs. But we dont have parents complaining here, and i consider that a good thing because i've never learned more about the dangers of censorship then when doing this project.


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