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i am a student in high school, and this is hypocritical.

you know, i just love how people SKIM through the books. it may have horrible things in it, but all of it adds up to a great story and is showing what really happens int he real world. its not as if charlies life in the book is going to change your sons life, so whats the point? my sister gave me the book to read, so it must be a book suitabe for me to read. and my sister looks out for me, watches what i do. she wouldnt give me a book that influences me to do LSD or anything of that sort. parents who don't want their children to read a book so harmless are hypocrites. they have drank sometime in their life, im sure. and not everyones parents get STONED, or anything of that sort, but if their best friend did it they would be there for them.


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