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Strickland killing

First of all, let me state right up front that my heart truly goes out to the Strickland family for their loss in this tragedy. However, that is where all of my sympathy ends. This family has already been awarded 2.5 million dollars by the state, to be paid by the city of Wilmington. And let's bear in mind the incident(s) surrounding their sons tragic demise: the New Hanover County Sheriff's office was at their son's door to arrest him for committing an armed robbery. Granted, the shooting was a horrible mistake. That does not mean that Peyton Strickland himself was completely blameless in bringing about the situation that directly lead to his death. And by the way, according to the story, it seems to me that UNCW did everything right. They found internet pictures of one suspect with guns and called the Sheriff's Office. This family has my sincerest sympathies for the loss of their son. I would not wish that on anyone. But they should not be entitled to a financial windfall because their son was killed as he was being arrested. The citizens of Wilmington should not have to pay for that, and neither should future students at UNCW. How sad is that? Peyton Strickland is involved in the armed robbery (for a stinking PS 3) of a UNCW student; police accidentally shoot and kill him while attempting to arrest him; Strickland's family sues UNCW for wrongful death; UNCW students get to pay for Strickland's death thru increased tuitions. So even from the grave, Peyton Strickland continues to rob UNCW students. There is no way that can ever be right.


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