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Enough already

I agree with WilmMan about the training the officers on both dept.'s being on par with each other. As a transplant to the area, it had taken me the longest time to understand the jurisdictions of the WPD and NHCS Dept.'s. On LI, where I originated and escaped from, the towns all had their own PD's but the towns all abutted each other, there was no "county" (unincorporated spaces). The Nassau County Sheriff dept. had jurisdiction over the courts, jails and such. The State Highway patrol had jurisdiction on state roads (of which there were many) and the State Parks. I have the deepest sympathy and prayers in my heart for the family and friends of Peyton Strickland. I recently & unexpectedly lost my 40 year old brother, though due to illness, not a gunshot. It is a horrible situation that far too many families have to experience. I can even understand the family suing the NHCS Dept. and kudo's to them for using the monies, not for themselves but for the benefit of others. I appreciate the caution used by UNCW Police after seeing photo's of PS posing with weapons, they have no way to know the mind-set of a youth that does that, but, as someone stated earlier, I do not understand why UNCW changed from working with the WPD to the NHCS (if they did so)to apprehend Peyton, when he lived within city limits. Whatever their reasoning, I am not fully understanding the decision of the LEO's in approaching Peyton at his home (where he could have had been armed, as in the photo's), instead of removing him from a class (where the likely-hood would have been that he would be un-armed). Freakish things happen, sounds are miscontrued as a person hears them. I often hear blasts from Camp Legune and Cherry Point and mistake them for thunder and vise versa. Why Long shot through a door not knowing who was there is beyond me. Yes, tensions were high, but it could have been a toddler crashing a big wheel into the door for all he knew. What is further beyond me is why the family of Peyton is now considering bring suit against UNCW. There may be more facts, of which we are unaware, that warrants this move but unless those facts are substantial and show irresponsible action by the UNCW police I do not think that suing for financial proceeds is the way to pursue this. The school will suffer, which means the students will suffer. If the facts present reasonable cause for this move, I would think we should hear them, we all live in the community in which this school operates.


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