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Bullets still travel through walls.

Anytime shots are fired from outside a home, into the interior, the shooter is recklessly endangering the life of everyone inside that home. That's the very reason charges of Reckless Endangerment are handed out to perpetrators of drive-by shootings. This shooting was no different, except for lack of intent, which, from a legal standpoint, doesn't minimize the recklessness of the shooting in any way. Rhoton was more than just "dramatized"(?), he was traumatized and victimized by this shooting. He most certainly does have a valid case for a lawsuit; since bullits from a machine gun travel, not only through doors, but interior walls as well. His life was indeed endangered every bit as much as Strickland's. I'll bet if he saw a lawyer, a case would be drawn up immediately, not only for the endangerment, but also for infliction of severe emotional distress suffered as a result of seeing his roommate gunned down as he was. Nothing has been written about his having any knowledge of the alledged playstation theft, but we do know he was never charged with any crime. I'm sure he was shocked to find out on what count Strickland was going to be charged. But again, it still doesn't change the fact that Long fired through the home's closed front door, and that this act endangered the life of everybody on the other side of that door, including Michael Rhoton.


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