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Offering courses that focus on not having sex is a nice idea but in reality it is only spreading unwanted diseases and pregnancies to our area and country. There was an article on this week that highlighted a recent study that 1 in 4 teenage girls from ages 14-19 in america have some sort of STD. Many of these diseases are untreatable and fatal. So are classes on abstinence working? its a scary world with many very harsh consquences for actions that our young people deal with daily. Students should be taught all of information at a young age. Other states in the US teach sex ed in middle school and I mean real sex ed. In my humble opinion sex ed should be offered early and often. Any parent who wants to shelter their children from it had better foot every penny on the bills that come from the hospital for delivering the baby and all costs afterwards or every cent spend on treating or controlling the diseases these kids get.


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