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I recommend another "War

I recommend another "War Betwix the States" and solve this "Yankee Go Home" thing once and for all...You'ins here in southeastern NC! But then again...if someone from the other side got a hold of a NUKE...Heaven help us! If everyone would just learn to say..."Pawk the Kaw in the Yawd Y'allzzss" or "Are Y'allzzss Movin' Down??" we would probably get along much better. People that have relocated here from the great Up North don't want what goes along with the influx of *movers in*...the people that were born and raised here don't want the Up Norther's another "War Betwix the States" has got to be the solution!!! Guess the war vehicles will be Lincoln Town Cars versus Chevy pick-up trucks :-) Has anyone here researched what (local) locals say in their news papers comments sections in say...Fort Myers,Fla./The Villages in Orlando,Fla./Phoenix,Ar./Gulf Coast,Ala./San Diego,Ca/Myrtle Beach,SC.......etc about their newcomers???? What also comes to mind reading these comments from locals to non locals is...I wonder how many here are... White/Black/Hispanic/Asian/American Indian/Asian Indian/Bankers/Lawyers/Blue Collar/Garbage Collectors/Mafia/Rednecks.... Big world we live in isn't it???? And all over dogs! I've seen beautiful apartment buildings in major cities next to shabby looking ones...but the residents in the beautiful buildings bought into them knowing what was next door.


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