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Invent a Reliable...

Your comment about the police not babysitting druggies and they could concentrate on the truly dangerous predators out there is about the dumbest comment I've heard. Do you actually live anywhere near where I do? The murderers, rapists, thieves, drive-bys, and pushers(to mostly teens) live in my neighborhood and if it weren't for the police babysitting(at times) there would be total mayhem. I can't tell you how many times my home has been burglarized by druggies needing a fix. My children and I have had to be escorted to our building because of gangs. They are a violent, mean, disrespectful bunch of thugs and if I could find an affordable home away from here I'd be gone tomorrow. My kids all make straight A's and volunteer their time so we don't have to stick around in the afternoons. Go out at night, I don't think so...


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