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But you still identify them.... murderers, rapists, and thieves, don't you? Regardless of the drugs, that's what they are, first and foremost: murderers, rapists, and thieves. That's what the law needs to deal with. As bad as drugs are, the problems you face on a daily basis are due to the law not taking adequate steps to protect you from these predators, many of whom would be there with or without drugs. If drugs were legalized the druggies breaking into your house would find their junk of choice to be far more affordable. They might not have to break in. The largest source of income for gangs would be gone. (Even the Bloods aren't big enough to compete with Wal-Mart or CVS.) Prohibition simply doesn't work. There is not a single case of prohibition that has been successful. England and Japan still see gun crimes. We threw out the Eighteenth Amendment, it was such a joke. Has the War on Drugs helped your neighborhood? No. Time to return to reality, and concentrate on people and their conduct, not inanimate objects. Let me give you a prime example of what dopes we can be. Right now, CNN is featuring a video about the Coast Guard engaging semi-submersible boats that are being used to smuggle in drugs. They're nothing more than homemade submarines that travel right below the surface and the Columbian drug cartels are building them because they can get in under the radar. The video shows a small Coast Guard boat chasing one of these subs...and chasing it....and chasing it. The answer is fairly obvious - since drugs are currently illegal, chase less and shoot more. A few .50 caliber rounds or one five-inch shell would end the situation immediately. Simply blow them out of the water. Do you know what our government's solution is? They want to outlaw the private ownership of submarines. ARE WE REALLY SO STUPID AS TO THINK THAT PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY SMUGGLING IN AN ILLEGAL, PROHIBITED SUBSTANCE ARE GOING TO PAY ATTENTION TO ANOTHER LAW OUTLAWING SUBMARINES???? Yeah....submarine prohibition....another great idea from Congress..... Legalize the junk, let people buy it over the counter, and then hold those people responsible for their own actions. Trust me, when the guy who burglarizes your home receives a suspended sentence, the problem isn't drugs. The problem is that the governemnt isn't dealing with burglars adequately....and they'll tell you that that's because there's no room for burglars in prison....too many drug possession and cases clogging up the prisons, as well as the courts.


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