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You "figure wrong" about me quite often

I don't like Hannity - he's a partisan hack and not very bright. I do prefer FOX News to CNN, rarely miss a Neal Boortz show, and am a Libertarian who votes Republican strictly to help defeat the your hero Obama, who wants to raise taxes on anyone making more than $31,850 a year. I also don't like O'Reilly, but only because he's stuck on himself and thinks the Sun rises from his back pocket. While I "don't like" several of the right's shining stars, I legitimately despise and hate people like Alan Colmes, James Carville, Donna Brazille, etc. They simply want to buy votes by taking YOUR money and giving it to the incompetent, lazy, and unlucky. Which brings us back to that question you never answered, Scally.... Exactly how stupid do you have to be to vote for someone who has already TOLD you that he's going to raise your taxes?


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