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Brunswick County Drug Cases

I feel that the court system dealing with drugs is set up for the clients to fail. They are not being helped from what I see. The system place them on probation & give them a long list of things that they are expected to do - knowing they are only human and may not be able to follow all of the list. Then if they make one mistake - are put in jail. In jail they definitely don't get any help. They are supposed to be rehabilitated. How can they be rehabilitated when they can get drugs on the inside just as well as being on the outside. They system fails them because the charged person can never live it down - once that kind of mistake has been made. Once their time has been served or has been charged with this offense, they can't find jobs - so what do you think will happen? Evidently there is money being made by some "Big Wheel" -because this problem could be stopped if they wanted it to be. The charged victims that are put on probation is not the ones that bring in the drugs. They do not own any boats or planes....


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