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Story Leaves Unanswered Questions

I am a firm believer in the rule of law and unfortunately, if the letter of said law is not followed by those who are entrusted to uphold it, the bad guys win. There are several tragedies going on here, but I'd like to address the quality of the journalism. I came away from this story with several questions left unanswered by the reporter. For example: What exactly was the nature of this paperwork "snafu" that has cost the Columbus County Tax Payers money and possibly these horses their lives. SNAFU is just a euphemism for MAJOR CLUSTERBOINK, or as some prefer... an acronym for "Situation Normal, All Fouled Up". I would have liked more information on the problem with the search warrant. Also, how much was spent re-nourishing the animals? What additional resources will be spent continuing to monitor the situation following the horses' return to their owners? How will this follow-up be accomplished? Will there be a reprimand for the County employee for this costly mistake? Had the rule of law been followed, would there have been a fine assessed the negligent owners? I'd like to see more news worthy details from WWAY. Columbus County and these animals deserve better coverage!


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