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I was an Animal Cruelty Investigator, the animal control DOES NOT seize horses when they are bright eyed and walking, they are only seized if they are on the ground, unable to walk. Tell me, were these horse crawling? If not, Lisa is at risk for losing her job, and possibly being sued . I have a lot to tell, and Here it is: Ever wondered why the horses look so emaciated in the pictures? Well, they ARE NOT the same horses, yep, that's right, she Uses paint, on a TOTALLY different horse, because the original horses had been sold. She soaks oats in water over night, then feeds it to the horse to swell the belly up and make the horse look as if it has put on weight, is that dishonesty or what? The only reason she took the horses is because, Number one: She has a vendetta against the Hewett's. And Number Two: She had already had them promised out to anonymous friends of hers, who of which she had already bought them. Lisa is indeed a drunk and a drug addict, she gets extremely nervy when she is either high, or drunk. That's why You can't get rid of her. Back when I ran with her, I bought a horse myself from her, but not long later she came to my home, a told me I didn't pay, and took the horse from me, She does that to a lot of people. You pbsgirl01, should watch your mouth, if anyone goes to these peoples house uninvited, they might risk going to jail, Lisa along with them, because this case is closed, and it is a 100% chance it cannot be reopened, and if it is, It's called double jeopardy. If anyone fights back, Lisa smears their name in the paper, internet, feed stores, and wherever else she can find, because she thinks she can get away with it. Have you seen the donation cans in stores? Well, that's her pocket change, she shares NONE of it! Oh, and the horses on the posters and cans, are not the same horses, they have paint on them to make their markings precise to match the original horses. As Animal Cruelty Investigators, we are supposed to tell you where you horses are taken, but she never does, because, she doesn't want the owners to know THEY HAD BEEN SOLD BEFORE SHE TAKES THEM. So people, if Lisa comes to your home, Call 911, because she has no means to 'help you out', she only plans to take your horses from the start. Don't get scared if she comes in your yard, she is nothing more than a tick on a dog's ass. Get mad all you want to Lisa, but WE ALL know the truth.


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