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southprt soccer feilds

If the county is going to make provisins to replace the area where the kids play then fine.but as a parent of a child who has played on these feilds for the past ten years I find it hard to beleive that this will happen. In a community as small as southport there is not enough for the kids in our area to do to keep them out of trouble and give them a stuctured envoiroment in which to channel their energy. The people who benifit for this center think it is rude of the soccer community to protest them taking what little room we have. We think it is rude of the to take the place we have been for the past fifteen years without even asking our thought on the matter. and you wonder why the youth of today are over weight and stung out on drugs, it is because of the actions of a few that take away for one of the few good progams we have to keep out youth entertained.


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