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10 fields..c'mon folks

Lets try teaching todays kids a very important lesson...sharing! How does a town as small as Southport need 10 soccer fields? Lets be realistic folks, Ogden Park doesn't even have than many and it serves far more children than Southport does. Heres a novel idea, try staggering field use at different times so you don't have a thousand kids on the field at any given time. Lets not forget that seniors deserve use of community property JUST AS MUCH as the kids do. They don't deserve to be stuck with the left overs and the old worn-out stuff while the kids keep getting the newest and best of everything. Thats a big reason why todays kids are as spoiled as they are, they are brought up to believe they deserve to be handed everything at everyone elses expense. Lets teach these kids that making small sacrifices...and yes this is a very small sacrifice here people, can be rewarding when you see it goes to help others out. Lets not teach our kids that when something doesn't go their way, you have a hissy fit and start protesting it, all that does is reinforce the me-me-me attitude of todays youth.


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