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As a very-soon-to-be senior citizen

I find the idea that seniors deserve special consideration or respect to be both ludicrous and offensive. As one poster recognized, we are all going to be old one day soon. Accordingly, reaching senior citizen status is no great accomplishment. We deserve no more consideration or respect than should be shown to any human being. *************************************************** Now....on a lighter note.....has anyone considered compromise? SENIOR SOCCER! "Red card, Mrs. Leibowitz! We've told you before that tending goal with that walker gives you an unfair advantage." "I know you want to get started coach, but we can't start until the sixth ambulance gets here. You know the rules." " one played the Star Spangled Banner like Lawrence Welk. Ah vun anda two anda O-oh say can you see..." " I wear the cup over or under the Depends?" I'll be in town all week folks. Please come back and remember to be good to your waiters....they need the tips for English lessons...


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