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As a person who was present at the "protest" I feel the need to speak out regarding the image being portrayed of the youth who also attended. Unfortunately some of the comments cited are true. 2 soccer balls were kicked from the bleachers to the area behind the podium (approx. 15 feet behind it). What appeared to be the girls' varsity soccer team did form a circle (approx. 70+ feet behind the tent area) and began to run thru a drill-type activity where they passed the ball across the circle to a teammate. And yes, a ball was kicked from this circle to the meals-on-wheels bus which was located directly beside the tent. What has NOT been revealed is the fact that EACH of these disrespectful acts were either instigated by or actually carried-out by a female ADULT who I've been told is the girls' assistant coach. She conducted herself in a shameful manner and set a poor example for the youth. Hopefully they will see how the negative actions of one person can reflect negativity on a whole group and learn a valuable lesson from her mistakes. John Goelz (President of the Southport-Oak Island Youth Soccer Assoc.) thankfully intervened with this individual and the disrespectful actions seemed to come to a halt. The younger children in-attendance sat quietly in the bleachers and simply held their signs. They certainly do not deserve to be labeled "spoiled brats". Thank the Lord that the vast majority of senior citizens in our area enjoy being around children, unlike the many of those posting messages here! I will have to take my own advice and remember that a few bitter, grumpy old people do not reflect the opinions of everyone!


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