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Near 4,000 in 5 years...

Taking into consideration the whole concept of war, less than 1,000 American deaths per year isn't too bad when you look at the number of American deaths in any other war. Do not get me wrong, a soldier dying is not OK with me but I know it is a cost of war. Yes post traumatic stress impacts a lot of lives, but those stresses can come from things other than combat. It is terrible that children have to see mom or dad go through those "flashbacks" or, even worse, they are abused during those episodes. But there are many more alcoholics and drug abusers that put their kids through the same things that have never seen war! I don't get these protestors. They think they're right or justified in what they do. Don't protest the war. It makes it seem like you are against the troops. Instead of holding a sign that reads something derogative, try holding one that shows them we love 'em!


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