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Support the protesters!

Hooray for the protesters!!! You have my full support! We need brave people like you so that we are reminded of the atrocities that continue to go on in this world. Our family members are dying in Iraq with even more suffering from serious injuries. To those that say that not many have died, then I ask you to think about saying that to a child who just lost his/her parent or to a mother who just lost their child. How would you feel if you lost the person you most cared about and then someone cold heartedly said that it hasn't been that many. I'm sure you would feel otherwise. Every life is important. Every life has an impact. Everyone is loved by someone. To say that any number of deaths aren't that much, just shows that you are completely lacking compassion and are extremely self-centered and small-minded. Additionally, I have only see positive signs out there, so I don't know why anyone would make such a ridiculous claim in the contrary. Those people are patriotic Americans and should be proud of what they are doing. They are in favor of peace and saving the lives of our loved ones! To twist & turn their message any other way just shows me that you aren't paying attention to what they have to say. For the person who was complaining about being stuck in traffic, give me a break!!! These people stood at that intersection among the car fumes for hours just to acknowledge our troops service and this war, which most people just conveniently forget about. If this was inconvenient for you, then too bad! You have a home that you don't worry about being blown up. You have a family that you know is safe. So if you had to be stuck in traffic for a few extra minutes because conscientious Americans were showing respect to this country and our citizens, then too bad. There's a much bigger picture here then your little traffic problem. Once again, to the picketers, I commend you on your perseverance, bravery, and patriotism. Peace!!!


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