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not cowardly at all

There is nothing cowardly about these people. As a matter of fact, I see you as the coward. It's clear that you believe all the fear tactics used by this administration. Think for yourself and pay attention to what is actually going on. Hmm...ever hear of people who join in peaceful protests to make them look bad? If not, educate yourself. These people do NOT support terrorists. They are in favor of PEACE! Did you miss that?????? The fact that you are writing on here, shows that they ARE protesting effectively & intelligently. If you don't understand what I mean after thinking about it for a while, then your even less intelligent than I thought. FYI - no one forgets who Saddam was, but did you forget that he had nothing to do with 911 as you were running to the recruiters office or back home from it? Osama Bin Laden, say it out loud. Where is he? So what happened to serving your country big talker?


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