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Time to face the facts

Sadam Hussein was a CIA asset that was our guy. The weapons he used on the Kurds and Iranians were provided by British and Americans including Donald Rumsfeld. Many of the citizen's who were killed by Sadam had their names given to him by our agencies because they were socialist or pro union. No one in the US gave a damn when he was gassing people. Today 4,000 Americans are dead. Over 1 million Iraqi's killed. Over 2.5 million displaced persosns. Most victims are civilians, women and children. Vets from Iraq are committing suicide at 17/per week. Female Vets report that at least 1/3 are raped, 1/4 gang raped by their own companies. PTSD is rampant and troops are given meds and sent back to fight. Stop loss is an illegal back draft. (American workers r also stop lossed by their employers.) The military industrial complex is raking in huge profits, look at Exxon, at the expense of mostly poor youth who have no hopes of finding a job that will provide benefits for them and their families. War costs are projected at 3 trillion dollars. Our children and grandkids will pay for this. The war was not sanctioned by the UN. THe Chilean embassador to the UN reports that he and others were being bullied to support this war. The US invaded a sovereign country without UN approval, in fact placed the UN as a relic of the second world war. Time to make it right with the Iraqi people, 98% that want us to go. These are the facts of Bush's War. And by the way, Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11. Work for peace.


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