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well, not everyone that rides a scooter has lost their license because of a DUI. I ride my scooter because it is fun and economical. I deserve to be on the road like everyone else and WILL NOT put myself in danger by riding on the side of the road and having people swerve around me. There are people that are making scooting look bad, such as the ones weaving through stopped traffic at lights and such, but the police need to do a better job keeping an eye out for this, as with regular motorcycles. Alot of car drivers on the road are unsafe and texting or picking their butts to begin with and making it unsafe for everyone, but especially scooter riders. No matter what your opinion of them is, car drivers need to be safe and keep their distance just as with driving a regular car. Nothing scarier than having some jerk almost hitting you while swerving around. Scooters are ALLOWED to be on the road and must be treated just like any other vehicle.


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